Hi and welcome to my blog ! I hope you will enjoy reading it and you will find something useful for your next trip.

My name is Lina and as most of you (I guess) love traveling ! I come from a relatively small city in Greece, called Volos which is by the way a beautiful place totally worth visiting. My first trip abroad was at Helsinki when I was 15 years old. It was a school trip after having won in a national competition for an environment-related project. The award was a trip to Helsinki where students from all over the world were participating. It was my first international experience which gave me the opportunity to meet people from so many and diverse nations. I got very excited and realized that exploring the world is one of the most amazing things to do.

Later on, during my studies and work, I had the chance to not only visit a lot of places but also live in few of them (London, Paris, Singapore, Los Angeles, Thessaloniki, Athens, Brussels). Traveling became an addiction ! Seeing new places, experiencing new tastes, smells, exploring different cultures, meeting new people is not only a way-out from your everyday routine but also widen your horizons and change somehow your way of thinking.

I decided to create this travel blog for several reasons. I realized that while preparing for my next trip I was reading travel guides and blogs, all of them being very useful, each one having its own value. At the same time, I realized that I had a lot of photos stored in my pc, not shared with anyone, being difficult even for me to dig them out. I could simply post them on Instagram, Facebook or another similar platform but photos without description or story behind lack of something important … life. So, I decided to create my own travel blog, to give life to my photos, travel back with my memory, making them available for my family and friends and why not inspire people with a similar traveling mindset.

Now regarding the target group of this travel blog, the answer is simple; there is no specific target group. I am not a professional blogger, and when I was or I am traveling blogging is not my main intention. I am trying to experience most of the place and what each one has to offer. It can be its history, food, shopping, adventure, nature, architecture … so each story is inspired by and adapted to the specialties of the destination.

Bon Voyage !!!